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One Way Permit (Medical/ Non-Medical Emergency/ Stranded Persons)

#Remarks: The pass/permit has only one-time validity for entering Sikkim and does not automatically allow vehicle.
* Please arrive at Rangpo or Melli Check Posts before 1:00PM
* I declare that neither me nor any of the person travelling with me is having Corona Positive Report/Symptoms of Corona.
* I declare that both my source and destination address does not lie in containtment zone.
* I declare that I will abide by the rules laid down by the local authorities from my place of travel till the destination address, related to corona lockdown and / or otherwise/
* This pass is valid only with the original identification document mentioned in the pass
* I hereby declare that i am travelling with the passenger capacity as defined by Order No:07/Home/2020
* Verification of original documents and Health Screening shall be done at the border of Sikkim.
* Following documents should be carried in original while travelling:
1) Exit pass from the authority of source station
2) Identification Document of all travellers.
3) Documents in support of reason for travel.
* Without the above stated documents, passholder(s) will not be allowed to enter into Sikkim.
* The pass does not grant any automatic right to entry into Sikkim.

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